Monday, August 25, 2014

goddess of the moon stars in the sky

The teen witch vibes are hitting me hard. I'm even planning a cute magic photo shoot before summer ends and all i want to do is get my fortune told.

I'm obsessed with princess nokia. I heard about wavy spice like a year ago and i watched the dragons music video when it first came out but i never got into her until just recently. Listening to the whole metallic butterfly album i can tell you that she is special and with songs like young girls and yaya there is so much more that is going to come from her and i am so excited to see what she does in the future. And she also a really gorgeous woman with a lot of good things to say and a lot of interesting views who heavily supports women and people of color.

some of my favorite/ latest instagram pix

 (i dont know why my forehead is so TAN!?!?)
my boyfriend showed me this really cool split prism lens and i went behind his back and bought it before he could lol. It's so cool the only lame thing is i can't tell what the effect does to my fim pictures because i only shoot cameras with a viewfinder. But my boyfriend has a nice canon t70 camera which is an slr so i'm going to borrow that.

I got another roll of lomochrome purple film developed and they turned out really gorgeous. I took these with my superheadz ultra wide and slim and it was a really good fit they look like really pretty film stills. I did a roll of this previously and i was really disappointed but this time i told my local camera shop not to do color balance and i think it made a really nice difference and allowed the color to go it's fullest effect.

I have a lot of film projects in mind and i haven't been this inspired or excited in long time all i can say is i wish there was more time in the day and i wish summer wasn't ending.

Friday, August 22, 2014

feelin it

I am so fucking excited to be the virgin mary for halloween. I am seriously going to have to start this costume sometime relatively soon because its going to take forever because i want to look magical, gallant, and ornate. I am planning on finding a simple dress in the white/nude/brown spectrum and have my friend paint the sacred heart with the rays. Then i'm either going to find a pretty piece of lace to wear as a veil over my head of use a piece of red or blue fabric and then make a golden crown somehow i'm not even remotely sure of what i could make it out of but i'm sure i will figure it out i want it to be big and spiky like the one fka twigs wears in her two weeks video. As for make up i'm either going for super nude eyes and dark red lips like the one gaultier shot or a bronzed out eye and i'm heavily considering blood tears. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

I wish U heaven

The first two I took the day after valentines day of my boyfriend and they are some of my very favorite photos i've ever taken. I took them with my olympus XA2 and either soaked them in water for hours or boiled them in water for a couple minutes, i dont remember. All the rest but the last are fairly recent taken with my canonet 28. And the last was taken with my olympus stylus epic (which i just found another in perfect condition for 99 cents at a thrift store!!) and were double exposed with some fucked up film i took with a cheap action sampler knock off years ago. 

I am really weird about taking pictures too seriously. I would never consider myself a photographer. I just like taking pictures and I like fucking around and experimenting it's the most fun thing to me. But lately i feel like i kind of want to take it a little serious because i have pride in what my pictures look like. I think they look cool and mean something to me and i like to push myself into trying new things. Yes, because it's fun but it's also this whole thing that i feel i need to create something that represents how i see things and how i feel. So even though i will always be on the low brow, lo-fi, just fucking around, non serious spectrum of "photography" it is still an art to me as much it embarrasses me and i think once i accept that it will only allow me to put myself more into my photos.

Friday, August 1, 2014


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