Thursday, July 24, 2014


La fleur tranchée

La Luce del Mattino

Really obsessed with Sarah Horrocks and her art. All images from her blog and comic, The Hectate Snake Diaries, i have yet to implore only because i haven't had my own computer to download it onto but as soon as i buy my sister's i'm downloading anything from this woman. She also has a rad ass blog linked to her name above where she posts really cool fan art, horror movie screen caps, other cool art done by other artists (how i discovered the artist above!), and other things that make me want to be best friends with her including a post about how fight club sucks.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


forgot about the drawing restraint 9 soundtrack Bjork did for the film by her partner Mathew Barney and its sounding really nice right now

and the akira soundtrack has been really hitting it for me lately 

and some of my latest pictures. I took these with my golden half and am pretty happy with how they turned out seeing as how i have had nothing but bad film with that fucking camera still blurry as hell but at least i got some color out of them. I'm sure most of that had to do with the boiling but oh well i like them. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

lights, air, skies, and selfies

Saw Under the Skin a while back with my boyfriend in the theater and it was amazing. The pace was just right. It was slow and eerie with minimal dialogue, very pleasing imagery, good acting and a bomb ass soundtrack. I tend to stay away from sci-fi and am more into realist films but this movie was about an alien hiding out in civilization and preying on men to harvest so the balance of realism and shocking scary stuff was very on point to me.

Another scarjo movie i've been craving, Lost in Translation. I love this movie and aesthetic so much. Slow, eletric, fresh, dull, industrial yet lush, boring yet neon, the perfect illustration of japan's minimal tasteful structures contrasting with the gaudy kawaii culture. 

pretty pictures with major lost in translation feelings

and into hiromix again whose photos were a major influence in lost in translation and she even had a cameo in it i believe

and some recent photos i took, first 4 were taken with my phone and the rest is a bunch of different film from different cameras